The American Wildlife Project will begin with the physical distribution of hundreds of thousands of DVD Sets to make this content available to everyone everywhere who has a need or an interest to learn from it or be benefited by it.  It will be widely distributed so that it can be accessed, appreciated, and enjoyed by every single person in America.

Quite simply, no one has ever done anything like this before!

The American Wildlife Project will then provide for the electronic Internet world of the future.  Free and unlimited usage by Access Code will allow the use of streaming Video elements Online, another form of delivery that will be increasingly popular in the future. 

This Project will also produce Teacher's Guides and Lesson Plans and student study aids, a Distance Learning Telecourse, a Glossary and a Digital Photo Gallery.  The complete re-editing of the Programs into clips and sequences will make it all searchable by topic and segment.

All of these ancillary materials will make this entire "Wild America" Film Collection even more user-friendly, accessible and valuable.

Recipients will include grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, libraries, museums, nature centers, environmental groups, game departments, national parks, wildlife refuges, hospitals, pediatric, geriatric, oncology and hospice centers, military bases, correctional institutions, support clinics, and many other public and private educational and environmental groups and facilities.

Repeated access and exposure to the educational and environmental teachings in these Programs will naturally bring about understanding, appreciation and an eventual desire for conservation of this invaluable heritage and of our environment.