You are special and important.  It is with optimism and confidence that I approach you with a request.

Will you please become involved and will you support the distribution of the "Wild America" DVD Sets, Video access and other ancillary elements to every school, library, and media center and to virtually every single educational and environmental entity across America? 

As a first step toward this ultimate objective, will you please meet with me to discuss the ways in which you can help to create The American Wildlife Project?  This is an adventurous undertaking that will leave a lasting legacy for all future generations.

I have been working my whole life toward this moment in time; I just never knew it for all those years.  With you on the team, we really can concretize this concept and make something legendary happen!

I welcome you to come visit us here in Colorado - to see our vaults and studio containing all the hundreds of cans of precious filmed heritage.  That would be best. 

Alternatively, I am happy to travel to meet with you.  Just name a place and date.

Hopefully, we can begin a dialogue, at which time you can provide your advice and your suggestions regarding the launching of this major endeavor - The American Wildlife Project.

Thank you,
Marty Stouffer