During the many years that the “Wild America” series has been broadcast on television and available in videos, we have received a great number of letters from viewers.


The world has moved beyond postage stamps and “snail mail”, and all of the correspondence below has been received in the form of E-mails.  Each of these individuals is seeking knowledge and each is capable of receiving science education Online.


As these missives show, Wildlife and Nature have the power to teach, inspire and heal.  They also have the energy to create a new sort of Community, united in love and respect for the Environment, and seeking the wisdom to appreciate and protect it.


The enduring value of and the strong need for access to the "Wild America" Film Collection Library of North American Natural History Films, is clearly expressed in these statements from a broad cross-section of society.




Mr. Stouffer,

Thank you so very much for your television show and your videos.

My son, Tanner is five years old and mildly autistic.  To say he enjoys your work is a gross understatement.  He loves your show!  He will watch your videos for hours if we let him.  Because of this, he is an encyclopedia of wildlife knowledge.

His favorite animal is the big horn sheep.  He eats, sleeps, and breathes big horn sheep.  His teachers even use them as a teaching tool for him in his special education class.

When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, his answer is always, "Marty Stouffer".  My family is very grateful to you and your fine staff for the wonderful difference you have made in our son's life.  From the bottoms of our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Jaki D

Bay City, Oregon




i like the animals too much becouse of that pls if you can emaill me some picturs i will be thanking you


salah b




My name is Jeffrey P----. I live in a small town in Arkansas. I hope that by some chance this will reach Marty. I just wanted to tell you just how much your shows mean to me.When I was a child growing up here in Arkansas,my family was very poor. I couldn't do the things that most kids were doing for the simple reason that we were so poor. I spent my time in the woods with my dog Sam. Together we spent hours every day tracking and finding all the wildlife in our area.I would set for hours just watching the coon family play and search for food in the creek. I developed skills at stalking that you couldn't beleave,after all I had all the time in the world,with nothing to go hame to. Our

T.V picked up two stations,8 and 6! The 6 was P.B.S. and that was where I first learned of Wild America! I tell you, I lived for those words.I could be doing anything but when I heard those words I dropped whatever it was I was doing and set back and let Marty

take me places that I would dream about for weeks to come and yes old Sam would set out side the screen door and watch with me,barking at the images on the screen.Those shows,with all of Marty's little hints about life,made me what I am today.I know that is a strong thing to say but none the less true! You see, in my house,Wild America and Sam were the only sources of happiness I had. I am 29 now and I have a family of my own. I am no longer poor and Sam died long ago and although my two sons have everything you could think of to keep them busy they never miss watching a nature show with me. They learn alot about life and mother  nature and all the leasons of the outdoors just as I did at their age. I am very involved with our game& fish programes in our state such as hunter's ed. My sons spend most of their time outdoors and or constantly surrounded by people involed with nature. I love the way my life turned out and I owe alot of thanks to a little program that aired weekly on my local P.B.S network, Wild America. So to you,from the very bottom of my heart,THANK YOU!

Your fellow outdoorsman

Jeffery P



mr. marty,

i likes every movie of urs . i am always wishing to meet u . but u know i live in pakistan not able to come cause i am 11 yrs old

love uu always




Just a note that after years of watching the television show  I was now and then thinking what ever happened to it. Just this morning I woke up and turned on the tube for some news and there it was Wild America, a show on wolves and Whitetails and the events of nature that keep both species strong. As an avid outdoor sportsmen in New York it is your show that brought the rest of America to my home. Enjoying our beautiful outdoors is my first part of the sportsmenship I love, hunting and fishing are second. Thank you for a great show, now I know where I can see the re-runs that brought 30 minutes of peace to my daily activities. As a New York City Police Officer it is a great show to sit down to and just relax, especially when the woods seems so far away.... Thanks again for the 30 minutes of peace....

Hugh D




my name is adeola i am a nigerian i want you to keep the good job up.

But i dont know if there you can send me your avaliable clips of of wild life america cassette or vcd cos i love animal.

Sir can you make me one of your clue that can work on animal details or is there any way you can be of helping me to come and learn more about the work.

hope to hear from you soonest.

sulaiman adeola



We used to watch your shows and specials and enjoyed them greatly.  Now that we have a daughter we would like to look into getting your videos that you had advertised at one time.   Any info you could get us would be appreciated.   Thank-you for you time.

Renee` K



Hi.  I am not very computer savvy and I am having trouble getting info about certain animals online.  I was wondering if you could recommend some sites where I could get both pictures and info about animals- creatures like the alligator, crocodile and the possum and platapus-for example.  I mean, specifically, a site that discusses varied and perhaps unusual animals.  Thank You.


Vicky S



Dear Mr. Stouffer:

I have watched your show numerous times over the past 10 years or so and have enjoyed it immensely.  This is the reason that I am writing.  I am wondering if there is a video library of your series that one can purchase.  If so, any information (i.e. a catalog or web site) you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Shane S






um grande abraço




Dear Mr. Stouffer,

I used to be a devote follower of your show, I love animals so much.

Recently I have left off because I simply can't find it anymore, but that is besides the point.  I have always felt this something, I can't really describe it but it connects me with animals. I have always been able to calm the most ferocious of household pets, but I wanted to know if you have this because while I watch your show I think I see the connection between you and the animals. I actually saw you once in real life when I was very young. I was driving down the road just after church in my navy blazer and I looked over and my jaw dropped because I saw you and you waved. You probably don't remember it but seeing you there and knowing that you really did the things I saw you doing was what first led me to fall into the path of Animals. I am fifteen now and I want to be a vetrinarian or maybe a field biologist with emphasis in bears.  Anyway if you do have this whatever it is, and don't get me wrong I don't think I have some kind of special power or something or I might but I have no idea. I do know however that if your like you will know it.  It is really the coolest thing to be able to email my idol but I know your a real person and you have real responsibilities so if you don't have the time to email me I understand just remember what I have said. Thanks. P.S. I live in Norman Oklahoma

Rick T



Dr. Mr Stouffer,

I am Dustin R----, and have watched your show for years.  First of all, I like the shows that you had your family in.  I hope to be a strong family man myself.  Second, I would love to know all of your resources

that you have made on wolves.  Canines are my favorite animal, but amoungst those, Wolves are the best.

Would you please tell me how to get whatever you have on the subject?  At least what you have done yourself?  Thank you for your show, and for your love for

animals.  I pray for you and your family, and that your joy for animals is never hindered by day to day life.  Please, whoever may screen this, please pass it on.  Thank you very much, and thank you Mr. Stouffer

for taking time to read this in your busy, and probably hectic schedule.


Dustin John R



Dear Marty and Cast ,

I just wanted to take this time to tell you all how much I enjoy the Love you put into our wild America.  I often do a lot of back packing and spend alot of time in an around the northern sierras. I was up in Yosemite for the release of the Great big horned sheep. Thank You for the love and support of our great wilderness.  I hope someday I could be naturalist such as yourself . I Love The Great outdoors. I'm currently trying to find what fields of study I must take to become a naturalist.  If you have any suggestions please let me know.


 Christan S



Mr Stouffer,

I was wondering if there was some way for me to help you out with your Online Wild America project.  I have done numerous websites the past few years, and would love to help you out.  For all the education you show gave to me as a child growing up it is the least I could do.  If you need help with your webpage, I can give you references to work I have done.  I also have experience in other areas of internet work if you need it.  If you need help I would be glad to give it!

Jeff H



Dear Marty Stouffer:

My children and I have just finished watching the movie, Wild America, for the umpteenth time.  They love it!  I'm afraid to ask if these stories are true.  :)

I really wanted to know how I might be able to get the television series on video.  I grew up watching Wild America on TV and I think my children are missing out.  I'm also curious why Wild America isn't a part of Discovery Channel's Animal Planet.

Thanks for bringing America's wild animals into our living rooms.

Robin E



Dear Sir

I am the head of (VOA Dept.) at KURDSAT TV, and I have translated a great number of your amazing program (WILD AMERICA) into Kurdish language. they were scientifically dubbed by myself .

As you know, it is difficult for me to translate them by listening, so my requirement is how can I get the scripts (written texts)  Of the episodes or the needed ones.

With my best regards

Yours Hameed Bani



Dear Mr Stouffer,

I have been a fan for a long time!  I can remember watching your shows and hearing your distinctive voice as a child.  I am now 31 years old and still a big fan!!!  Thanks for teaching a city girl the wonder and beauty of the great outdoors!!

Amy E



hi, my name's greg r----. i'm disabled.  i want to go on a mission across the u.s. to film at animal shelters, animal rescues, wildlife rehabs & riding therapy programs for the handicapped to raise awareness.  i would love to find someone to sponser me.  i only have a small sony video cam & very limited funds.  do you know how i might acheive this or where & who to turn to?  i feel very strongly that this is something i have to do.  this is the direction my life has been heading as of late.

sincerely.......................greg r



Marty Stouffer,

I grew up watching "Wild America" on PBS.  By far it has always been my favorite series about Wildlife.  I love it mainly because it focuses on American Wildlife instead of the old African Safari standby that everyone else goes after.  I appreciate your amazing ability to film and narrate.

I haven't seen the series on TV for years and years.  I miss it very much... I have rented a few select videos that are in most video rental stores, but I wonder if there is a collection of the series for sale somewhere.

If you have such a collection for sale, whether it is the whole series or just select favorites, I would be very interested in it. If you could let me know what is available and how to go about ordering it, I would appreciate it greatly.  You have no idea how much "Wild America" means to me. I miss it a lot!

Thank You,

Steven H   (Your Biggest Fan)



Dear Marty,

I had the opportunity to meet you a few weeks ago in New York City at the Federal Express office on Wall Street.  I was the fellow who said,  after having heard the name of your company, “that’s a great company”!

We shook hands and I’d mentioned that I was a big fan of yours.  The reason for my writing is that I am researching a deep interest in the wilderness and I am interested in your insights and experience.

All my life, I have been drawn to the outdoors and wilderness regions.  I have found that I have a great interest in finding a way to relay the wonder the environment evokes to those who may not be able to directly experience it for themselves.  Also, I want to help keep people aware and interested in the great natural gifts that we are  simply custodians of.

The way you bring compelling and powerful scenes and information of the wilderness experience to film and the public has always grabbed my attention.  Could you tell me what you find to be your greatest interests in your work?  What do you find most rewarding from it?  Some articles I’ve read have referred to you as a nature photographer, I think this only is part of what you’ve accomplished (i.e. educator, documentary producer, writer and explorer.)  How would you describe your field of work?

What areas in your field do you find need the greatest attention that a person like myself could help contribute to?  Do you have any suggestions you would make to a person interested in contributing to your field professionally?  I had promised to keep this brief so I want to thank you again and I look forward to your reply,

Best wishes,

Fred B



I am needing the natural wildlife tapes that you have made. I need the information on what you have and if they can be bought and where?

Jen F



Dear Marty stouffer,

I've been a viewing participant for many years now.  Yet I continually move from place to place.  What does it take to get involved with Animals?  What education are you looking for?  Are there any entry level positions?  What aspect is the most rewarding for you and why?  Do you have any info that you could down load to me regarding animals in general?  How does your immediate family feel about your career choice etc.? 

Do you have any particular out look for the future of wildlife for America?  What can an average person do to help?  God bless you and your family and your endeavors.

Love, Brandon, Darnice, Anthony, Josie, Cameron, Noah, Norman Christian K




 My daughter is working on a project for her 7th grade science class.  Her topic is wildlife photography.  We are looking for a book or books she can read to help with this project.  Would you please steer us in the right direction?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Oh, yes, she has to do a book report on this as well.  Thank you.

 Jennifer McC



Please send a catalog of your videos, especially the one on animal bloopers.  

Sister Eileen J

St. Anthony Hospital

301 West Homer Street

Michigan City, IN 46360



This letter is to Marty Stouffer.

I do not know if this email  goes directly to you but hope that it can be transferred to him if that is not the case. Thank you.

Hi there my name is Michael Rutherford. I live in Fort Valley  Georgia,  a small town.  I am interested in becoming a nature photographer not a videographer like you did. But I am in much the same situation that you were in as a boy.

My family has always supported me in anything I do but they always have doubts as to what it is I can do. When I was working at a ocal camera store I would spend every last dollar I made to purchase camera equipment and take classes and learn and read as much as I could about photography. I am not a master photographer by any means but I do take alot of good pictures from time to time.  I want to be a nature photographer because I enjoy the outdoors and I want to make a difference in this world.

I don't want to be known as a bum or someone who did nothing.  I want to be known as the guy who made a difference a guy that saved a little piece of the planet.  Probably most important, I want to make my mother and father happy and let them know that I can make it on my own and can make a living at what I enjoy.   I am good at what I do no matter what I try and am willing to put in as much as I can.  I am not a little kid I am 28 I still ive at home with my family and sometimes I feel like I have led a sheltered life in the fact that I have not had the responsibilities of being on my own.  I hope that I hear from you and any advice is much appreciated.  Thank you for the motivation to follow my heart and my dreams. Thank You .

Mike R



My name is Donnie, and I am writing to thank you for a wonderful job over the years of preserving our wildlife and making a great series of shows.   I grew up with wild America and I am still fascinated with its wonders.  I appreciate your time and thanks again for all you have done Marty !

IT2 Donald McC, USN




My name is Seth M----, I've been a fan of the "Wild America" televison show for many years!  I've also been maintaining a webpage about raccoons for the past seven years called "The World Wide Raccoon Web" at www.loomcom.com/raccoons/.  I'm going through the process of editing a new version of the site with many more resources, new links, a better layout, and a lot more content.  I have always tried to create the best resource for raccoon information on the web, and I hope that my changes can bring my site up to date.

I'm writing with a question I hope you can answer for me.  I've been told that one of the episodes of "Wild America" focused on raccoons, but although I've seen a great many episodes, I've never managed to catch that one.  Could you be so kind as to tell me the show number and episode name for the show on raccoons?  I would love to see it, but I have never been successful in finding it!  Too darn many tv stations.

I'm very much looking forward to the launch of Wild America Online.  I hope to view and use video material from it relating to raccoons, so please keep me informed about your progress!  Thank you very much for your help,

-Seth M



i was wondering if there is any way to view, order, or somehow get hold of the old wild america television specials that used to always be on the tv.  Thanks for your assistance,

from: Michael C

Dorm President

Confederate Memorial Hall

Vanderbilt University



Hi Marty ,

I do hope this is the real Marty Stouffer.   Anyways I wanted to tell you that I really love your show and I think it is the most informative nature program ever and you tell the way nature really is and also why it is so important to conserve our wildlife.  I'm very pleased to see someone who loves animals as much as I do.  I have been a wild america fan all my life and as long as I can remember.  Keep up the good work ; which I know you will.  I Hope to hear from you soon.

P.S If it wouldn't be to much trouble I would really like for you to send me autographed picture of yourself. Thank You so much for your time. Write me sometime when you get a chance. Bye 

Shaun F




I enjoy your videos tremendously.  I have a request for videos on Marten, Beaver, Mountain Lion, Coyote, and Fox, red and grey. Can you help me? Thank you,

David McD




I was trying to recapture some of my childhood past, remembering that I enjoyed seeing Red Efts when I went up to the country with my parents. We used to catch these cute creatures and then let them go.

While searching the web, I noticed that some websites said that the Red Efts skin is toxic. I was just curious about what you may be able to tell me about the toxicity level and how harmful they are to humans.  Or if you know of a good place for more information.


Eric D



This Email was written by Chris Wiedeman.

I have always been a great fan of your Wild America PBS series.  I recently noticed your book of the same title on the shelf of a local book store so I decided to learn more about you and the series.  I had always had suspicions that some of your filming was contrived and am happy to find out that is not the case.  I motored through the 300 odd pages in three days and have had my love of the outdoors revitalized once again.  I long to go visit every on of the natural wonders you mentioned.

I got to wondering what you have been doing.  I don't watch much television anymore so I have no Idea of what Stouffer Productions is up to.  I found a web site under construction which led me to write this email.

I'm an amateur naturalist myself and would like to thank you personally for introducing me to a large part of the natural world.  I plan on making a career of conservation and it has a lot to do with the things you showed me in your programs.  I hope you have been keeping up the good work.

Thanks for all the enlightening moments,

Chris W




Great website!  I am interested in purchasing video tapes of the television series for use in my classroom.I will be eagerly awaiting the release of your series on the internet. I don't expect to see anyone else produce as comprehensive and educational a series as yours.

I believe that you will have great success in marketing this series to educators around the country. I am intrigued that you intend to offer the material over the internet, as well as the traditional format.  This is an ingenious idea.  Most schools, even in our rural area, have high speed internet access which will allow quick transfer of data.

You should be able to obtain e-mail addresses for teachers in most schools through the state departments of education. This would give you a low cost marketing tool.

Best of Luck,

David J. B



. hi, marty

my name is fernando, i'm from brasil, i live in porto velho citie.

i whatched his VHS WILD AMERICA, I LOVED.  i don't know write and speak and english very well,  do you have homepage?

have you ever been in brasil?  i would like to talk with you, but my english is short.  god blass you, hanna, his wife and your soon.

you are really wonderfull people.  God said, there will be a man in the world called marty stouffer, he will be my eyes in nature.





Dear Marty

I am a fifth grade teacher in Pennsylvania.  As a child growing up, my family and I would watch Marty's shows every Sunday.  I realize now how much I enjoyed them.  I would like to know if his shows are still on t.v.--when and where.  They would be great to show in my science/social studies.  My husband and I would also really enjoy them too.

Thank you,

Nichole G



Mr. Stouffer,

Hello, my name is Thaler C.  I am currently working on the Downeast Heritage Center in Calais, ME which will serve as a visitor's center to promote nature-based tourism in the area.  One of our exhibits will feature Moosehorn Wildlife Refuge.  Tim Cooper gave me the information for your video "Timberdoodles of Moosehorn".   It is incredible that you actually made a video on the weird little Woodcock.  Is there any possible way for me to see a copy of the program?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Thaler C



Dear Marty,

I am a conservation educator in Oklahoma.  Recently I watched a Wild America program on Bison..... it was wonderful.

When and if the time comes that this is made available on video please let me know.   We have a state wide outreach to schools in our state..... part of our program is dedicated to educating students (and teachers) about the prairie environment.... including the bison.  Sadly, most of our students have never experienced a live bison ..... this video would a wonderful resource.

Thanks again for a wonderful program.

Gina L



Hello, Marty:

Yesterday, I was fortunate to watch your video on television about the Bison, The White Buffalo Calf, and the sacredness of this for Native Americans.  It is an excellent film, one that I would be honored to add to my collection of Native American Videos.  According to your Website, your videos are not available at present.  If there is any way that I could secure this video, or be put on a list to receive notification when it is available, I would absolutely appreciate it.

Thank you for the fine work you do.

Joan F

(Grandmother Owl Feather)



Dearest Marty Stouffer:

My name is Joe Murray I am a naturalist and teacher and I would greatly like to know when these videos will be available to buy plus an estimate on prices for the whole series.

Thank you.




Holiday Greetings!!  My name is Brian L. W and am an avid sportsman of 43 yrs.  Always watch your program on Sat. mornings and caught your episode on big North American cats this a.m. I was unaware that ocelots are endangered.  I have always wondered what my calling on this earth might be, other than being married for 17 yrs. and raising two wonderful children, Lucas and Megan, and small contributions to the community and church.  But I have always felt there was still something lacking.  I know the request I'm about to make may still not fill that void, but it is one I know I would approach wholeheartedly.  And just maybe it would surprise me in filling that void!  It would also give me another great tool in teaching my children.  My request is this. Could you provide me with information on helping to restore the population of ocelots in this continent on my property here in Texas.  Any videos you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Brian W



Hello my name Triston Hunt (male).  Gor years I have watch your programs. And I want to say thanks so much I can't express to I how much I enjoy your programs.

Do you have any videos on how  you put a show together or maybe a video on the best of  Wild America.


Triston H





I have seen a large moth/butterfly-like insect with a long 3-4cm retractible proboscus.   The insects behavior is very much like a hummingbird, in that it hovers, inserts and extracts nectar, then quickly darts to another flower.

I observed one in central New Jersey and one in Roanoke virginia.  I also saw it very briefly during either the opening or closing credits of Wild America, 5+ years ago.

I have been unable to identify it and hope that you can.

Thank you in advance,

Kent K



To Whomever:

O.K. so I'm not exactly sure who I'm emailing here, but I'll continue on anyways.  We homeschool our 7 yr. old son, Dustin and he loves the Marty Stoufer video series.  He has decided he'd like to be a wildlife photographer, just like Marty Stoufer..  We, of course, would love to encourage this decision.  We'd like to be able to find a wildlife photographer or ?? in our area to purchase him a Christams gift of time spent with someone he can learn from.  Is there someone or something you can recommend for this?  I thank you for any advice you can give us on this.




I am a naturalist with Fairfax County Virginia. I have always been a huge fan of Mr. Stouffers' work.  I am in charge of the programming at the park and I am interested in our native animals.  I would love to know when your dvd's are available.  I have done a lot of small mammal research and reptile and amphibian surveys as well. Please keep me posted.

J. J









Dear Marty,

I am a director of a nature center in Holland, Michigan.  I am very pleased to see your show on air out of Grand Rapids.  They are the best.  I would be very interested in obtaining wildlife dvds when they become available for the thousands of school children we serve.  Or, maybe you will have something on the internet sometime?  It is one thing to tell them about how a fox jumps on its prey and quite another to be able to show them doing the same.

I really appreciate the work you do and hope to see your wildlife filmwork find new ways to get to new audiences.


Robert V



Lanette Davis wrote:

Hi. just finished watching an episode of wild america and saw the web address so I wanted to say thank you to marty and all the stouffer family and organization for 25 years or more of wildlife knowledge and factual information about our continents wonderful fauna, your work is a national treasure, as is our wildlife, thanks again, keep up the great   work.             

R. Jack D



Hi Marty!

We love your programs but never know exactly when they are going to be on.  I am homeschooling our 11 year old and he has a great interest in wildlife and I would like to be able to provide him with more access to your shows.

Today we caught your show on a local station but in the past have viewed it on cable stations.  Do you know where we can obtain a broadcast schedule of your shows?  Will they ever be on the web?

Thank you for your commitment to wildlife and for sharing your experiences with the world!!

Ragan K



Dear Marty,

        Pardon my using your first name, but I've enjoyed watching your program for so long I feel we're family.  Your ability to present the variety of animals with the details of their daily lives so vividly is truly a gift.  A gift you've chosen to share with so many of us to our great fortune.  Many thanks for your efforts all these years.

        In a recent episode about the Grizzly you said (and I've always believed what you've said to be true) the Grizzly was the largest  carnivore in North America.  How does the Polar Bear compare in size to the Grizzly ?  If it is larger, is it's range not in North America ? If you could honor me with a reply, I would be even more in your debt.

        I would like to thank you again for the tremendous job you do exposing so many young people who never had the opportunity to see personally the things you bring to their TV screens.

Most sincerely,

one of your greatest fans

Roy J



Dear Marty,

My name is Jason S----. I recently watched "Wild America" with my son Jakeb (9) and daughter Eliza (7).   We have watched the TV series in the past.   Jakeb, in particular,  has always had a strong passion for all animals and since the age of 5 or 6 has wanted to be a nature photographer when he grows up.  I have purchased him a small starter camera and he seems to enjoy it.  We are going to start experimenting more with going out and taking pictures of things in the wild.  Its because of people like you that there is a greater awareness of our 4 legged brothers and sisters and the true mortal danger they face every day and everywhere from cars on the highway to sulfur emitting factories.  So, in closing, we would like to tell you we are very proud and impressed with your incredible work and wonder if you have any advice for us as we begin our wildlife photography adventure.  Thanks again and keep up the great work.  It would be an extreme honor and blessing to meet you in person some day.  Maybe Jakeb is one of your future staff photographers.  Nothing wrong with dreaming is there?  /wink


Jason, Jakeb and Eliza S




I just wanted to say how much my family and I love your show. Keep up the great work.   I'm am a Conservation and Natural Resource teacher and would like to find out more information on obtaining Wild America videos for the classroom!!

Thank You in advance for any help with this project




marty, let me introduce myself;  my name is Billy Addair and i'm 34 yrs. old and i'm a lover of wildlife, all wildlife, and you are my idol. i live in the state of North Carolina and have watched you're programs for as long as i can remember. i enjoy what you do because the viewer can tell that you too are a lover of wildlife.

i just wanted to let you know that we fans really respect you for what you do and i envy you greatly as you do what i have

always wanted to be able to do. i hope you keep up with yur filming and continue to make yur shows. if you have a fan club or  mailing list i would like to know how to get involved.

a lifelong fan,




Hello, Stouffer, how is our wild America. I am in love with your programs, I like the way you present your programs. I am an animal lover and I appreciate people

who keep a tab on them, like it or not you are my pal.

I hope to join in the throng of animal caregivers.  Soon I will be graduating as a Vet. Doctor. I LIKE YOUR JOB, I am very grateful for keeping watch over our wild America. Stouffer I wish you are my pen-pal.  I would be happy if you reply my mail.

From Wild Africa, Nigeria - Toye



Organic Lawn Care wrote:

I love your wildlife films so much that I figured the least I could do is thank you. You are doing important work and youngsters everywhere are learning invaluable lessons about life and nature from your films. I was one of them. Now at the age of 40, I look back and remember as a child spending lots of time watching your shows , dreaming about traveling to remote places and spending my time photographing the natural world. I started Organic Lawn Care in 1999 so I could earn a living doing what I enjoy, being outside in the fresh air and soaking up sunshine. I  began to travel much more (now that I have my winters off) and recently purchased an old A1 camera. I plan to explore the southwest states with my cocker Sandy and have one hell of a good time too. Thanks for the inspiration Marty. May the good Lord continue to bless you,                        

With gratitude,

Douglas M   



Marty Stouffer:

Having followed you series of documentaries on wild America, I so much appreciate your effort in bring such a fantastic informative programme to the door steps of viewers at home.

I personnaly run a nursery school and I intend to introduce my pupils to documentaries of this nature so that they can appreciate nature at its fullest.

I am hereby requesting the modalities involved if I want to have some of these documentaries.  Less I forget, I am writing from Nigeria.

Hoping to hear from you soonest.

Segun B



good afternoon,

I am not certain if this is the best way to contact Mr. Stouffer but if not, perhaps you can direct me to the best avenue to do so.

my name is Grant S, I am curator of a small museum located in the Brooks Range community of Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska. I am an anthropologist and for the past 25 years i have been working with native elders, of the Nunamiut Inupiat, or Inland Eskimos, to record traditional knowledge about their culture, the Brooks Range environment and its wildlife.

Among the topics we are currently working on is the willow ptarmigan.  Our plan is to combine western science with traditional lore to produce a comprehensive and instructive unit about the ptarmigan for classroom use in North Slope Schools.  We have also been written into a federally funded Alaska Native Education Grant administered by the bilingual/multicultural office of the North Slope School District.  Much of our information about the ptarmigan was recorded some 20 years ago by one of our elders, the late Arctic John Etalook who was in his 90's at the time, thus his knowledge and descriptions of the bird and its habits are quite detailed and insightful.  I am also working with Mr. James Nageak a recognized expert in the Inupiaq language who for several years taught at the Alaska Native Language Center at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

My reason for trying to contact Mr. Stouffer is to see if there is any chance that we might be able to obtain permission to use or include some of his footage or stills or frame captures on ptarmigan in our unit.  Not too long ago I saw one of his shows on T.V. that featured some wonderful footage of ptarmigan in the wild.  Knowing full well that I could never hope to catch such spectacular shots as a ptarmigan bursting out of its overnight sleeping chamber in the snow, as well as other scenes, i am wondering about whether we might be able to incorporate some of his materials in our educational unit.

I will be most appreciative if you will give due consideration to this request, and will be pleased to answer any questions you might have about our museum, the grant and the purpose of our work.  it is, naturally, strictly for educational purposes.

At any rate if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at the folllowing address and number.

Grant S



Dear Marty,

I've been a WA fan for a very long time.  I hope you are checking your e-mail often.  I've been looking for something and can't find what I want.  I'm hoping you may have it "on file" and are willing to either sell it or give it to me.

It's simply a picture or two of a mountain stream that has just been blanketed with snow.  That, to me, is the ultimate scene of tranquility and peace.  I want to use it as a desktop for my computer.

I've tried to go out and take my own photos as I live in the Northwest,but I have yet to produce a single picture that makes me want to meld into it.  Know what I mean?  I bet you do.

Please, if you have something that shows a stream, or a creek that hasrocks and some small amount of riparian growth that is blanketed with snow, would you think about sending it to me?  I would appreciate it so very very much!

Lastly, I can't tell you enough how much I enjoy watching your show.


Bill R



Dear Sirs,

I am missing several videos that I would like my students to see.  Where can I purchase individuals vidoes or the series of Wild America?

Thank you,

Lisa P

Brighton High School



Dear Mr Stouffer,

I was surfing on the net, and accidentaly I reached your webpage. What a nice surprise!

You were one of my heroes when I was a child. I love nature as you do, and I used to watch your show almost every day.

I can't believe I'm writting an e-mail to you! I'm so excited!

If you are planing to visit Mexico, I'll be more than happy to show you round, Mexico has almost every ecosystem in the world, from desserts to forrests, from coastlines to mountains.

May you and your family be always successful and may you get all what you need and want.

Thank you for everything you did for me when I was a little child, thnx for teaching me and for making me pass such a good moments. Some things were so funny!  I laughed so much when one of your little childs opened the cage and let the fishers out saying "come on out guys", thnx for warming my heart by sharing your family life.

If ther's something I can do for you, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,




Dear Mr. Stouffer-

My name is Brian W. I am a 20 year old student at Cornell University.  I am writing this email to you for several reasons.

When I was 9 years old, I remember watching your show, Wild America, for the first time. It was the show on Bobcats. Nevertheless, I recall being completely fascinated by the show. Over the years, as a result of your show, I became interested in photography and cinematograhy, but especially in nature and the environment. Watching the credits, I occasionally saw "Cornell University Laboratory of Ornithology." At the age of 12, I made my family take me on a trip up to Cornell. From that point on I knew where I wanted to get my education. More importantly, I knew what I wanted to do with my life- document what inspires me, and show people, in order to benefit both.

Thank you for everything.


Brian W



dear mr. stoufier, i just wanted to say how much i have enjoyed your series on wild america. it doesn;t come on tv very much any more which is the saddest thing. i have purchased several of your videos, but since that time i have become disabled and live on a very fixed income. i just wanted you to know that your series has taken me where i will never be able to go. again a big thanks to you and may god bless you for your love of our wild america.

sincerly yours joann an animal lover.



Dear Marty



I Grew up watching your show and i've always loved animals.SO PLEASE keep up the great work you do for wildlife.             

Thank You,jonathan myers age 31 now




   I can't begin to describe the impact that your filming had on me when I was in my 20's.  As a result I went through grad school in forestry, and moved from my home in Georgia to Portland, Or. to enjoy the mountains and the big trees.

   I am now 37 and have moved back to the east.   I now live in Asheville,N.C. and am enjoying being back in these incredibly diverse mountains.

   This morning I caught the end of a Wild America television program and was immediately uplifted and felt like the idealist I was in my 20's.

   I was wondering if you sell copies of your films, and if so how can I get them?  I couldn't figure that out from the web site.

   I appreciate the help and wish you the best in your work. 

   A big thanks,

Geoff R- Asheville, N.C.



Dear Marty,

I'm a grade 6 student from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  In school, I,m doing a project on the Great Horned Owl.  Could you please send me all the information about how the owl flies.  It would be greatly appreciated.





Dear Mr. Stouffer,

My name is David W.  I am a 21 year old Marine who has been a fan of the show since I was in the 5th grade.  My brother, sister and I used to be home schooled and part of our studies was to watch your show daily on PBS.  I loved watching it then and still watch it now whenever I can catch it.  I love nature shows in general, but most of the subject matter seems to be about animals in foreign countries.  The animals presented in Wild America are never more than a road trip away.  Your show has given me an excuse to travel to Montana this summer and to the Okefenokee Swamp next spring.  Also, congrats on the syndication and the Mountain Dew commercial.


David W



Dear Sir,

I work for a public library in PA. A patron had asked for some information on how to obtain videos of your program. From your web site, I know that will be soon.  May I ask that I receive an e-mail letting me know when and this way I can pass on the information?

Thank you for your time.


Lori S



Dear Sir,

Some time ago I saw one of your television programs, on PBS.  It may have been part 2 of a 2 part special.  In any event it covered the life cycles and importance of several aquatic insects (mayflies, caddisflies, stoneflies).  The photography as always was superb and there was also a lot of information about the relationships between these insects and trout.  I teach several units on freshwater ecology.  My student participate in aquatic insect collections and we study different kinds of metamorphosis as well as the value of aquatic insects as indicators of water pollution.  I would dearly love to get a copy of the program that dealt with aquatic insects and can pay a reasonable fee.  Thank you for your consideration in this matter,

Scott S

Central Middle School of Science

Anchorage, Alaska



Marty Stouffer

My students have been reading the book, "There Is a Wolf In the Classroom.  Are there any free materials: visual reading or video tapes that your could supply our reading class with.  I really enjoy your show on Saturday morning and have admired your informative and creative work for years.  We have also just read "Snakes".

Last year, a local pet shop came to our classroom with exotic and local pets.  The students really interacted well with this and still mention it.

Mary H

Brown Middle School



Dear Marty,

I am a very big fan of your Wild America Sunday morning television shows.

I was watching an episode in which you documented the Richardson Ground Squirrel of the Dakota regions and was wondering if you could tell me the name of that episode. Even better is if you would be able to sell me the episode on VHS.  Squirrels are one of my favorite of nature's creatures, and I really don't want lose this train of thought because the Richardson is not a well-publicized squirrel. You  always seem to film the darndest things.  Thanks for that.  Please write me back if you can remember the episode of the Richardson.

Many thanks,

Joseph B



Dear Marty,

My name is Greg LeC.  I live in Litchfield Maine.  I am 7 years old.  I love to watch your movies.

I think you do a really good job with all the animals.    I love all your shows but my favorite movie is “Wild America – Dangerous Encounters”.

Could you please send me your autograph and more information about you. 

I would especially love to know how you make such good friends with all the animals.  I love animals too!!  Thank you for being so kind to the animals.

Your friend and #1 fan,

Greg LeC



the animals that you show, are there still some in the willed? like badgers,wolveriens,etc.

 thank you   bruce



Dear Mr. Stouffer,

I am an agriculture education teacher and would like to use your videos in my natural resources class, when they become available.  Please let me know when they will be available. 

Thank you. Mike R




I am working on a Math textbook for Holt, Rinehart and Winston. I am

looking for photos of wild boars in North Carolina. I saw a great photo from your "Hog Wild" story. Would you be able to help me with this request?

Thank you,

Stephanie F




Your videos are fantastic!  They shaped my thinking as a child to really respect and appreciate nature.  Today I am an active environmentalist.

I would like to purchase videos of the Wild America series for the holidays.  Are they available yet?

Seth E

Arlington, Virginia



Dear Mr. Stouffer,

I am writing this letter to express my scientific appreciation of your  lifetime of accomplishments, especially with wildlife documentaries. I am in awe of all you have achieved.

I am a Ecology teacher at Pontiac High School, Pontiac, Illinois, and Ioften use environmentalist and people associated with them to interest, motivate, and inspire students.

Would you please send me an autographed photo of yourself to hang in my classroom?  My students and I would certainly appreciate this.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paul R



Dear Mr. Stouffer,

I am writing a Scientific paper on Anolis carolinensis I used your website as a resource and I need a copyright date. This will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Have a blessed day!!

Sarah J



Dear Sirs,

Today I saw one of your movies about the buffalo as I was surfing the TV.  It was great.  I teach 5th grade and I could really use something like your movie in my class.  If you have a booklet about your work, could you please send it to me. 

Thank you   Bonnie T



Dear Marty,

I was curious as to when the show People of the Bison might air. Your shows have had an impact on my life and the way I look at the world around me.  You also started me on a degree in Zoology, and at 37 I have not finished yet but I hope to soon. Thank you for your perspective on our wild neighbors, and I look forward to future shows.         

T. Dale G



Good Morning,

I would like some information on how to purchase the 120 half hour Wild America programs?  Do they come in box sets?  I would also like to know if there is an email newsletter we could join?  Will the series be coming back on television?  If so, what stations?

Thanks & looking forward to hearing from you.

Carl S



Dear Wild America:

Watching your show this morning about how civilization is destroying our environment... Isn't that ironic!  Human society has invented civilization to promote life and preservation of life, but in fact it is giving us all a death sentence and leaving a long trail of destruction and devastation in it's wake!

It is said that we must remember our history to keep from repeating humanity's mistakes.  When will we learn the lesson to preserve our planet.  As we destroy environments to promote civilization, we destroy our lives.  Our disappearing rainforests are leaving us defenseless against our own man made cancers and other death sentences.  When all the trees are gone, where will we get oxygen?  When all the planet life and animals are gone, what will we eat?  When will we learn that we too are a part of the great circle of life and not above it.  We will not survive without the wildlife on our planet and our wildlife will not survive with us!

-Christy S




I have watched your program for many years.  I have always admired the show and you (handsome devil that you are!) very much.  You're knowledge and caring for our wildlife is very heartening in a world where so many seem to have no feeling for what we have lost and are losing.  I am so glad there are men like you educating us and dispelling those cruel myths that continue to keep us from living in harmony with nature.  I grew up on our farm in NE Kansas and find it quite disturbing to see how the wildlife is disappearing from our countryside.

Thank you so much for all that you do.

Glenn H



Dear Sir or M am,

My name is Ethan Cooperrider, and I love watching animals, going to the zoo, or watching them in the wild. I currently have a park registered with the World Wildlife Federation, or the WWF. It has been a

great joy to have the park, which is in Cosmopolis, WA, registered, so that deer, birds, and other wildlife, is protected. I have also been working on making my backyard, and my creek more natural,

planting wild, native plants so that animals will make a comeback. I have visited the Wild America web site, and I would love more information on when the videos

will be available, because watching the videos brings peace and balance to my life. I also love going to a zoo/park by the name of Northwest Trek! It has  buffalo, Eagles, Bear, Deer, and many more animals. I

just wish people would understand that we need wildlife, because without it, what a lonely world it would be. Thank you for your time, and your patience,

God Bless, yours in the wild, please write back soon,

Ethan C




I am a ornithology instructor at the University of Findlay.  The zoology instructor and I would like to know when your Wild America videos will be available to order and how much they are.

Please let us know when, how and how much we can purchase these for.


Katherine N

The University of Findlay Biol. Dept.




My name is Pixie I am an avid animal lover. I have always been fascinated with reptiles.  I currently own a nice but small collection of reptiles. I was wondering if Mr. Stouffer will or has done any programs on the snakes and lizards of the US I have yet to see anything give a full account of the different species of in the US I know many people who would be very interested in seeing a show on this topic. Also I wanted to thank Mr. Stouffer for his contributions to wildlife conservation and education. I have been watching Mr. Stouffer for as long as I can remember and appreciated the information and education I have received from his programs.

Thank You





Hi Marty, just wanted to acknowledge my sincere thanks for providing such a wonderful education series in "WILD AMERICA," on TV.  I have been watching it on PBS since it's debut and never tire of it.  Please let me know where I can pick up a collection of your video's for my own Nature library. My own love of Nature and the outdoors also started at a very early age, Born in NJ in 1943, I started hunting in the late 50's and early 60's, but in 1963 when I shot my second bear, and couldn't reason why I killed it, I put down my riffle, and took a course on using a 35 mm camera. Since then I have spent the last 25 years Fly fishing in Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, with camera in toe.

Please keep up your wonderful work, and I truly look forward to seeing more Wild America on TV.





Dear Sir:

Being a professional geologist with a deep interest in the protection of our planet's animal and plant life, I think the Wild America series is one of the best ever prepared  documentaries on this topic with popular appeal. But I didn't see on TV any more recent productions. Has that series come to an end? That would be a pity.

Klaus H. G, Ph.D.




Hi Marty

I usually watch your wildlife specials in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. So I was watching one this morning--mountain goats and bighorn sheep--thinking how so much of our great wildlife is being pushed out of our state. People scared of bears and wolves here in North Carolina. And I wished there was something I could do to help. Sierra Club is active here in the Raleigh area, but it is mostly money raising and socializing for political lobbying.

I wish there were programs in the schools to show your films. Older  people in urban areas just don't care; the animals are not a part of their lives. Have you ever thought about supporting working groups of concerned people around the country to lobby for animal and environmental protection. Just showing your films might help.

Best regards,

Lee H

Apex, NC



Hello I would like to ask your permission to use This picture for a non Prophet school Project.http://www.wildamerica.com/ pages/ images/GEESE.JPG

Please reply soon

Colton G



Hi Marty,

 I found your web site by luck and was glad to see it.  I am one of your biggest fans and watched your show for many years in the 80's and early 90's but since lost track of it.  Please let me know if it is airing in North West Arkansas.  You Are The BEST!  and I thank you for all the honest, excellent and informative hours of Marty Stouffers Wild America.

 Best regards,

 M. Shawn W



I just wanted to say that I love watching your shows.  I've watched them before for years and seen your movie "wild america". I grew up on a farm and feel that helped me grow to love & respect nature and animals.  I'm glad our local station runs "Wild America" early Saturday mornings, it makes it more enjoyable when our 20month old son wakes me up so early.

Thank you & great work

Sabrina W



My name is Ray H----. I am the Outreach Manager for Cleveland MetroparksNatureTracks Outreach Program. Cleveland Metroparks is a non-profit, urban park system consisting of 20,000 acres surrounding the greater Cleveland, Ohio area. Our mission is conservation, education and recreation. NatureTracks is a 38 foot mobile classroom which travels to schools and other community organizations in and around Cleveland.  Its primary focus is to help children discover how nature works and humankind’s role in protecting and using the environment wisely. Our programs are free to the public.

We are in the process of renovating and updating our NatureTracks vehicle.One of the updates is the installation of a 72” interactive whiteboard called a Smart Board.

Our staff is currently developing programs for our environmental education presentations, and we want to utilize audio and video clips to assist us in teaching. Teaching environmental education to inner-city youth is both rewarding and challenging, and we are constantly seeking new ways to excite them. As a result of these interactions, the children will have a better understanding of, and appreciation for their natural world.

Over the years, we have purchased many of your wildlife videos. They are very informative, and have helped our staff expand their knowledge.  Your video Great Escapes is of special interest to us. We are requesting permission to use two specific segments of this video in our educational programs. The first segment of interest involves the skunk spraying the camera.  The opossum escaping the coyote by “playing dead” is the second segment of interest.

Your approval of this request would be greatly appreciated.  I can be reached via e-mail at hxr@clevelandmetroparks.com

My mailing address is :

Thank you,

Ray H



hello mr stouffer, i just wanted to drop you a line and tell you i was searching for you today and found your new online site. i am 44 and have watched you for years. i live in nj and 5 am on a sundy is very early for me. when is your new web site coming i have already book marked it and cant wait. please tell me of any other web sites you have. i really didnt become interested in animals till about 15 yrs ago. i love them espcially blackbears. i have seen over 100 of them in the wild. and whales. but all of the animals are very interesting. please keep up the good work and thanks. doris a




sempre gostei muito de assistir os seus documentários , e fico imaginando como  você iria se maravilhar aqui no Brasil... até nas grandes cidades poderá encontrar uma diversidade de animais....para somar  as suas pesquisas.  lembre-se...o Brasil também é America!!!  um abraço, para voce e toda sua linda família......

meu nome é Osmar Dias Jr....



Dear Mr. Stouffer

We show your excellent film "The Wolf and the Whitetail" each week to 50 students at our environmental school.  We use your film to teach the role of predators and prey in the ecosystem.  Students then play parts in our "Wolf Prowl" game and learn first hand about how difficult survival really is.

Our problem is that our 16mm print of the film is badly deteriorating and needs to be replaced.  We would like to replace it with a video copy if possible. Do you know of any company that may have this title converted to vhs?  Possibly you run your own distribution company for your films and might have this title for sale.

Thanks for your time.

David K, Outdoor Program Specialist



Dear Stouffer Family, m

My name is Gary L and i live in Indiana now, I grew up watching your shows, now i have children of my own, they do not have the privilege to watch wild america as i did, I think this is one of the best things going right now, good luck with the web sight, can not wait for the construction to be completed so my children can learn about the fantastic animals that live around us, thanks once again, your's truly, Gary L



Dear Marty:

 I grew up watching your show from my hometown in the heart of the Allegheny National Forest in PA.  I will always remember the show you did about white-tailed deer that was filmed near my home.  After not thinking about the show while I graduated HS and entered college, I am now home on break between my sophomore and junior years, and caught a broadcast of the show in syndication.  It brought back so many memories and I had to see if you had a website.  Although I was disappointed that it was still under construction, I am looking forward to all of the information that is planned to be included.  Once the site is up I will be a frequent visitor, as what you are doing is a wonderful and necessary project.  Best of luck in your endeavor, and please keep me updated as to the progress on the site.

Best wishes,

Ryan B



I am writing this to Marty Stouffer, and would like to know what he has been up to lately.  First let me say that I truly admire his gifts as an observer and "story teller".  As I recall, Marty has a degree in English or perhaps literature.  But most of all I appreciate his ability to look at ecosystems from more than one angle - both in a scientific sense and from behind the camera.  I'm fascinated with the natural world, and that's what I've always loved about Marty's work.  He seems to be saying "Yes, Look! There is something going on here.  Take a look and you will be pleased and maybe even surprised!"  In 1997 I left a career in Information Technology so that I might join in the efforts to recognize, restore and preserve ecosystems.  So now I have a graduate degree in Forest Ecology and if I ever decide to enter academia I will use some of Marty's ideas.  I sincerely support his ideas and views on the great North American landscape.  I'll always remember what Marty said once, as he stood in a shopping mall parking lot where he had formerly observed a fox den, "We can't be blindly opposed to progress, but we should be opposed to blind progress".  Please reply if you can!  I'm really interested in your work.


Pete K







If this is "THE" Marty Stouffer, first let me say that I have enjoyed your work for many years. Thanks for the great shows and keep up the good work.  Here is my problem and I'm wondering if you can help.  The short version.

My daughter goes to Grayson High School(GHS) and is getting into broadcasting.  The GHS mascot is a Ram.  Her broadcasting teacher gave the class an assignment to find footage of Rams butting heads or locking horns.  We thought of you and your work right away.

After driving to the local mall and finding out our PBS store closed and the Discovery Store, Barnes and Noble (we found one your other tapes not the Bighorn tape), Borders Books and others did not have any of your tapes.  We came home and began surfing the web. 

I went to your website but did not see where you sold the tapes.  I did notice that Paramount came up on your site but Paramounts video and DVD webpages are not working so I could not do any searches.  I noticed that the National Cowboy Heritage (I hope thats correct) gave you an award and that kind of led me here.

If you can help me find somewhere to purchase a copy of Bighorn episode # 113 or point me to some of your work on the Bighorn sheep with butting heads and other good footage that would help out greatly.  I hope I told you the short version (I don't think you want to know the long version).

Thanks for your help.

Ted A



I'm teaching a high school class about wildlife in Georgia. I would like to purchase some videos from your television series. The videos are packed with important information about each animals needs in habitat, food, and cover. Please send me any information about ordering some of the videos.


Jerry T



Dear sir:

I am looking for a photograph of the bighorn seen butting heads in the credits of the wild america movie.  I would like a still shot of the

point of impact.  Please let me know if you have anything like this.


Shawn K. F



I am a high school biology teacher and enjoy Wild America personally and have used the program as an enrichment to my Advanced Field Biology class.  However,  there is not a station in our viewing area of western Kansas that presently carried Wild America.  Is there a source of the videos for classroom use or  something on the internet?

Thank you for your assistance,

Donna S. C





Weird Letters…


I was recently told by a friend that Marty had died in accident with a bear.  I truly hope this is not so and after searching the web and finding no mention of it, I hope you can put this rumor to rest.

Thank you

Pete T



I was told that Marty was killed by a bear, and that the shows we see now are old one that he done before he was killed. Is this true?

Julie K



Matthew wrote:

I had heard that Marty Stouffer is deceased.  Is this true?




Really Weird Letter:


I want to tell youI like your show about the many animals but I'm curious on how they evolved. I have heard many theories on how things got started like the egg and  the chicken thing now that a real stopper. First you think how did an egg get there fertilized and have both DNA from father and mother and tell me what you know about how this came about please, and no theories or conjecture but facts.  And tell how people know what happen 600 hundred trillion years ago or 900 hundred billion years don't you think that's a lots of years to know what happen with such authority then you should know what's going to happen in the near future right? I have studied for a while and have not heard one theory that has proving anything in this area. But many that are just groping around in the dark seeking which can't be found. This one gentleman was a cave diver and he had a theory that each had a different species in it but after diving and going into many caves around the globe and seeing the same species he said there had to be a network of tunnels linking each cave wow now that rich. Oh yes remember W. R.  Thompson, Francis Hitching, or Niles Eldredge these are scientist, paleontologist and many more. Write me back when you get fact not anything less, Oh yes read some of things that Lovell, and Jastrow had to say about it and others. Nothing but concrete evidence (proof) we know a house had to be created by someone but an explosion has never done anything but make a big hole what do you think try this put an egg in a box put some lite firecrackers in it and see what happen to it scramble egg or another chicken are a mess? Just like these scientist that say that they are cloning sheep and people show me concrete evidence by doing something easy like cloning the dinorsaur or wooly mammoth or other extinct animals now that would be something and plants then go and start on another planets they have all the answer. You have the knowlodge of the past they have cloning it would be easy don't you think so sorry I got carried away.  Henri J H





Really, Really Weird Letter:


Jack Hanna may know, but he doesn't return emails.  I've exhausted my local sources, and the library. Even the veterinary persons could not tell me. I am hoping that you or one of your crew will be able to help me learn what it is and how to deal with it.//  As an only child growing up along bayou chico of Pascagoula, Mississippi, my Arkansas mother had taught me to love animals. Quite young, I would hide out in the woods with the animals as my closest friends.  After high school, I married a sweet guy in Naval Aviation and we lived many places such as  Alaska, Philippines, Guam, Whidbey Island, Washington, etc.etc. whereby my experiences as a child in the bayou came in helpful.  The orphaned marque baby monkey that we raised in the Philippine Islands was an excellent watch dog.  She would let out a blood curdling scream when she saw a giant Norway rat!...or a snake. Plenty of those from pythons, cobras, vipers, etc.  But there you phoned Jungle Survival School on base, and the native negrito jungle guides would come fetch the l6 ft. python, or whichever.  There were snakes on Guam, too, but there they had snake sniffing dogs that were brought to the house to help.// On Whidbey Island we were spoiled.  Only friendly garter snakes there, plus deer that came when you whistled for the dog, red fox, coyotes, pheasant, wild turkey, and 'bigfoot' (l6 inches x 7 inches tracks around our yard, the back field and through the forest. There were no claw marks, and unlike bears, they came as families of male, female, and children.)  Our l/2 german shepherd dog was terrified of that thing!  I found it amusing that as bad as the thing smelled, it preferred to lay beside the very fragrant tropicana rose.  I wanted to call you to come film that thing, but my husband viciously objected that I even talk about it. It was nocturnal, so we solved the problem by bringing the dog in the house at night.// After 25 years living on Whidbey Island, Wa. my husband had retired from Naval Aviation and I retired after 27 years of working in hospitals. Thus we decided to make the 3,000 mile move back to Mississippi to help take care of my elderly parents...84 yr. old Dad with cancer, and Mom with heart problems. WE found a lovely brick home on 4.6 acres located out in the country near cotton fields and cattle pasture, just 8 miles north of Hurley, Ms., and l5 miles west of north Mobile, Ala. We're just 4 miles inside the Mississippi/Alabama state line and only l mile from the Escatawpa River.  We also have a 20' x 50' pond in the lower west corner of the lot with plenty of bullfrogs and fish.  The house was only 5 years old.  It had been built by a retired Air Force pilot and his engineer son-in-law. However, the elderly persons who lived here had died of heart attacks (per the neighbors) and the house was vacant about l year before we purchased it.  It seemed in excellent condition structure wise, so we bought it and began cleaning, painting and making war on the multitude of roaches, spiders, pill bugs, & crickets.  We were militant about making sure that the dishes were washed, the kitchen clean, and the trash carried out EVERY NIGHT before bed time.Finally the roaches were conquered! We cleared the brush around the pond and the fence rows, trimmed hedges and trees, and mowed off the 4.6 acres until strangers passing by would stop and tell us that we had the place looking neat like a golf course.  We appreciated the compliments after the hard work, and we felt that a mowed yard would help keep the snakes down. So I put out 2 bird baths, a water fountain, and bird feeders to help the migratory birds.  We were delighted with our place, and it was wonderful bliss.....until I started finding snakes in the house. Horrors!! Upon investigation I discovered that the house is an open sieve to the outdoors!! There are holes in the sheetrock behind the hot water heater, the stove & refrigerator. On the porch there are holes in the concrete as big as a softball opening into the walls of the house. There is light under the outer doors that little lizards come through. I had taken screen and clamped over all the outer pipes that were not covered, and used 'great stuff' that should be called 'messy stuff' to seal off the holes in the concrete leading between the outer and inner walls, and we took the stove out and sealed off the hole behind it, and those around the pipes under the sinks.  But I have not been able to get to the one behind the hot water heater and my husband has gone into complete denial ..steel-trap shut down in his mind, to the point that he'd rather think that I've had a nervous breakdown in our 40th year of marriage. (He is from Ariz/New Mexico & not familiar with the kinds of snakes here and how they climb.)//Fish and wildlife professor at Univ. of Mississippi State tells me that if I have snakes, it will be because they follow mice.  (Critter getters down here do not 'do snakes') therefore, I have to get rid of the mice. My bird feeders have helped their population. I set up my camcorder at night, but I have to turn on the light for it to take a picture.  The nocturnal creatures go in hiding when the lights are blazing...except the tiny little mice that can leap straight in the air like fleas, and they are about as fast as Speedy Gonzales in the cartoons.  Just a blur.  I'd vaccumn the carpet, and the next day there would be new trails.  In studying the carpet I began to notice other trails: Long tails that would smack on the carpet at the end of the tails that looked the pattern of an aspen leaf. And one night I saw the outline of a cat size critter walk behind the dresser of my bedroom!  "JUST GREAT!!  Now I have rats!",I thought.  Then a new tail pattern on the carpet began to show up.  A bushy tail...and no it is not a raccoon, nor a squirrel.//  One night I woke up about l/am thinking I could use more cover. I sat up in bed to pull the blanket at the foot of the bed over me. Completely unexpected I found myself in a tug of war with a cat sized critter at my feet.  It tugged and I tugged when suddenly it let go with a very loud angry smack with it's tail on the foot board, and I fell backwards in the bed with the blanket flying over my head!  It leaped off the bed and scurried down the hallway making low grunting sounds "Charro-Charro!"  The night after that, it got even with me for taking it's blanket. I was in deep sleep minding my own business when the critter smacked me on the bottom of the foot with great force and the loudness of a beaver tail smacking on water!! It got results! I woke up instantly, with my foot flying in the air and covers sailing across the room. I confessed I had to grin over that one.  but I don't grin when I wake up with bites all over me!!!// For awhile I thought it was a wood rat, but I'm not so sure.  Wood rats are supposed to be shy of people.  These things get in bed with me and I don't know it until I roll over on one and get bitten.  Also, it does not have RODENT STYLE TEETH.  I am familiar with raccoons, and this is no raccoon, but it does have a bite shaped similar to a raccoon's mouth.  They are different sizes, small-med-large-and baby size.  The largest bite had two front teeth with about l to l l/2 inch width apart.  Below the 2 front teeth, the bottom teeth left marks forming a "V".  The 'v' was almost 3 inches from the point to the punctures of the 2 top teeth. The skin inside the bite turned a slight discolor like a bruise..or a hickey!  Is this thing sucking on my salty skin? (No smirky remarks here, folks! I'm old enough to know what a hickey is!)  Here is the strange part about the bite: In the middle of the top part of the "V" shape of the lower jaw where the tongue should be, there appears to be another appendage with 4 little punctures & l in the center of the 4. A lump forms under it. The appendage was only about l/4th inch in diameter.  Surely this isn't some kind of mammary gland in the mouth??? Each morning when I check out the trails and body patterns on the carpet, I find that they are quite social with their own kind and frolic in the living room. On the bathroom carpet I see that they congregate.  Often when they are laying stretched out, they have a much smaller something in their mouth, but I can't tell if it is their own kind, or a mouse.  In the wee hrs. of the morning they grind their teeth from under the dresser. In the day they are grumpy under the washing machine and give me low 'chuk-chuk' sounds. I'm likely not helping the problem because I mock them, and they get even with me while I sleep.  One night I thought I heard a kitten sound in my bedroom with a questioning 'mew?' and they snap their tails when alarmed or signaling others.  I've seen glimps of a tan colored one in the bedroom, and here at the computer I saw one medium size dark brown colored one come from another room toward me to hide behind the computer desk.  And I hear bumping and thumping sounds coming from inside the walls in the closet and here by the desk.  They have a nice home here, and have settled down to stay and multiply.  However, I have decided that I am the one that is staying and they and other critters are going.  The problem is...how do I do that?  Besides eating on me, what else do they eat?  I have a humane wire cage here in the computer room where they hang out. Step on the bar and the magnet door shuts. I've baited it with grapes, cheese, ham, and a variety of things that does not seem to interest them. The smaller ones come and go through the wires without flipping the trap door.  The peanut butter mouse traps have caught NOTHING! And nothing is eating the d-con....nor the marble size rat bait, nor the giant rat size d-con., nor bread.  I would prefer to catch them and release them on the far side of the river, but that isn't happening, either.  The giant rat/snake glue boards have caught nothing but my husband's bare foot, and my long night gown.  GET A CAT! Did I hear you say?  Our neighbor feeds about 9 stray cats at her house, and they hang out over at our house.  I haven't minded much, hoping that they will keep snakes and other pests away. However, my husband throws water balloons at the cats because they climb on his freshly washed vehicles, vomit on the front porch, leave their droppings on the lawn chairs and the yard.  To the point: he does not like cats.  Besides, he does not see, nor hear, nor get bitten as I do.  He is out in the field each day, and I am the one in the house getting nipped when I stick my hand in a drawer or stick my arm in a closet, etc.  I am the one they see all day, and I have become their target at night.  Altho I hardly am dead, all of these bites do hurt!  I've been bitten on the foot, many times on the ankles, legs, often on the knees, thighs, rear, mid-drift, shoulders, throat, lip, eyebrow, top of the head and fingers by one critter or another.  The snake bites (altho non-poisonous per ER report) hurt worse than the bushy tail critter, however. Still...I want them all out of my house!  //So have your heard of some rat size critter that has a strange appendage in the mouth? Do you have some idea what it could be?  What does it eat???  Do you have any advise that could help?  When finances permit, I'd like to put a fence up (because l8 wheelers frequently go by our house daily) and get a dog. But in the meantime, I've got to find a way to deal with this one my own.  My husband is a good man in many ways, but he is not a critter getter.  He likes to think that he is, but the truth is that he is not, and neither am I.  What bait do I put in this humane trap?//I surely hope that you will answer, but even if you don't...I love your shows and series!  Best of wishes!  Charlotte (Marty) M----, (a 'greenie' but learning to be a country girl!)





And, yes, I answered them all…


Marty Stouffer